Restart problem

A have a problem with my computer, every time I press the restart or reset button my computer goes into BIOS and cant find my boot device. I have to unplug all my drives and restart it several times to meke it boot windows again. Anyone know what i can do to fix this??????

CMOS battery is dead. replace it. CMOS is the storage of the BIOS, which needs current to survive.

Theres also a possibility the CMOS memory is completely damaged. In that case your BIOS cannot store data and you are f******

Its been like this since i bought my pc, but Il try to replace it

well He should remember what drive he should boot from, and it clearly doesnt.

Did you setup your bootdrive right? Do you see it change, even when you didnt change it?

The bootdrive just disapears from the bios all the other drives are still there.
i have to setup the bootdrive again every time some program tries to restart my computer.


OK, Clearly there is something wrong with the CMOS. Theres a small chance a new battery will solve it...

... But considering you never cut the power, and the CMOS still doesnt store BIOS data... I fear the CMOS memory is damaged...

You could try updating the BIOS if you are fed up with the problem... it wouldnt hurt to try...

Tnx for the help Egnappahz :D

I updated the BIOS and now it works :D