Response times on normal monitors and TV's

what is the response time on a normal PC monitor compared to like, say a TV in a living room?

just curious, cheers.

computer monitors average around ~1-7~ ms response and the newer led tvs might be faster or slower i really dont know since response times on televisions dont need to be fast.


A TV ranges from 10 to 5 a monitor ranges from 5 to 2. A CRT monitor can be much lower almost 0 because there is no processing.

IPS monitors are 15 ms on average, realistically. It's noticeable but does not affect gaming at all. 


Now I've heard with some of the "Post Processing" in TVs like game mode off and other stuff the reallitic response time can get near 20-30ms

thats an option in most TVs and can be turned off.

If you're really concerned about it, use CRT. no response time at all.