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Resource for reliability and longevity of GPU models?


Are there any existing good resources for determining reliability of a particular gpu model (brand, model number, spec, etc), beyond just looking at general reviews for each?

I’m thinking something like user benchmarks but for failure rate. Or something like blackblazes hard drive failure rate reports I guess (though unless a large company is buying a wide variety of GPUs and running similar workloads for it, probably won’t be quite the same). Seems like this would be useful when buying a new card that has been around for a bit.

If not, I might try to make something for that if others would be interested and willing to contribute their experiences. Maybe a pretty simple SQL database with the various info broken up so easy queries can be done to dig some extra info out. Contributing info maybe something like:
Brand | Model | Type | GB | OC | Months of life

Open to suggestions on that if it comes to it.


I mean they all use decent components these days, dont think there is that much of a difference to be honest


Oh yea? I keep hearing about, for instance, MSI made AMD cards being unreliable or prone to problems. Maybe everyone is about the same and just some people have run into more problems with one than another?

That’s also kinda why I’d like to have a resource that could potentially show what’s going on. Maybe show that any differences are negligible or within margin of error.


I mean if you get the msi armor card thats the cheap white cooler on like a 580 your gonna have a bad time thermal wise, but i havent seen any major issues


It’s hard to get an answer from the source. So only reputable suppliers are the answer.

From Puget systems. I trust a little. They sell very little AMD from what I read but.

There very open source and may share the data with you based on your use.


Kinda old data and only dcu2


True but they may share more recent data. They would have it.


That’s a much higher failure rate than I was expecting to see, and even if old many of those cards are still around. It wasn’t as fine grained as I would hope, but still good info.

Seems the closest they’ve done more recently is this:

Which does actually list specific models, but doesn’t show as much data (just shows their top 6 lowest failure rate cards, and gives some general information in the blurbs after that).

From that it sounds like there may be some pretty big differences by models after all though.


Had issues with my x99 deluxe worked but qvl ram never worked correctly. I think Asus quality is meh now compared to their rep.