[resolved] Should I return my new Nemix 32g 3200mhz ECC ram?

So, this is only kind of related to this thread: forum-level1techs-com/t/ddr4-ram-buy-or-oc-for-3200-ecc-unbuffered/160150/13
It’s similar ram, but the ram modules have a different module number (the chips say “9SE75-D9ZFV”), and are allegedly rated to run at 3200 as opposed to the ones that electrofelix bought that were only rated for 2666 mhz. I also didn’t want to necro-bump, or hijack another thread.

This is the newegg link where I bought the stick: www-newegg-com/p/1X5-003Z-018J3?Item=9SIA7S6AZC2746

Here is the data sheet I found looking up these RAM modules: media-www-micron-com/-/media/client/global/documents/products/data-sheet/dram/ddr4/16gb_ddr4_sdram.pdf?rev=6c08e1b85fbc4cf49c437132ac553bf8

Anyway, I installed one of these modules in my new system (asrock x570 steel legend + 5800x), and at the default voltage and frequency (1.2, 3200mhz), I was getting several correctable ECC errors per hour when running mprime in mixed mode. Running stressapptest would almost immediately crash the system, meaning that there were probably uncorrectable errors.

So, I bumped the voltage to 1.3v. All my stability testing passed with absolutely no errors. But there still was a problem: Although I could shut down the system normally, and cold boot the system normally, about half the time (and it was very unpredictable), the system would fail to “reboot” as opposed to cold booting. To be more specific, my OS would exit, my fans would spin up to full speed (like it does before the BIOS slows them down), and stay in that state until I manually powered it down by holding the power button, or flipping the switch on the PSU. The Asrock logo would not appear, and it would not load the OSes (dual boot).

So, being suspicious that it was ram related, I popped in an old trusty pair of 16g 2666 ECC sticks I had laying around, and everything worked fine out of the box, suggesting that it was in fact related to that stick of ram.

Would you return the ram? Maybe try to get some of that Kingston Ram that someone managed to OC to 3800mhz? (www-reddit-com/r/Amd/comments/lf3i6b/overclocked_ecc_memory_with_a_5900x_my_results/) Or maybe just keep using that ram, and accept the fact that sometimes it won’t reboot properly? Do you think that the fact that rebooting fails frequently is a sign that something else is going to fail?

My post had links in it that I thought were important to the discussion. I just used dashes instead of dots to disable the links. I think that the reason that policy is in place is to prevent spammers. I’m not spamming, and these disabled links are not technically links, so I hope the mods will not delete the thread because of this.

I’ve just decided to return the item. I found a reddit thread where a guy bought this ram: KSM32ED8/32ME, and had a lot of success with it. He even managed to get it to run at 3800mhz with cl18. I probably won’t do that, but it’s a good sign.

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