[Resolved] Multimedia Speaker Recommendation?

Hello all, I'm in the market for a good set of multi-media speakers.

The last pair I had was the Logitech Z200, and they were by far the worst speakers I've owned - I've owned a $15 2.1 system that sounded better and cable management was an utter nightmare - I ended stabbing them with a pair of pliers shortly after cutting the cables. True story. Last time I destroyed something out of rage was a keyboard when I got my impacted wisdom teeth removed and the anesthesia wore off before I could get some Vicodin. All the reviews seem to just confuse me - plenty said the Z200 had good bass, and they were a well-reviewed well regarded set, but it was barely an upgrade over the integrated speakers - in fact, I prefer the sound profile of the integrated speakers - the only advantage was the Logitechs were louder. I was also unhappy with my previous pair of speakers, the Logitech X-240. Again, wiring nightmare, but at least the sound was decent. I was happiest with a pair of Creative SBS 340 (if anyone remembers those) which was the set I owned prior to the X-240.

My primary source of audio is a pair of AKG K7xx through a FIIO E10 or a pair of Sennheiser HD 558. I really want these speakers for when I have company, so I don't want to spend too much on them, however, I would like some good sound for movies and console gaming (possibly listening to metal music as well) - something to compliment a 34" 21:9 Monitor. I was looking into the Logitech Z623s, which briefly went on sale for $90, but I waited too long and they're not nearly attractive at $120-$150, especially given my prior experiences with Logitech. I'm also not looking to spend more than $75 unless the quality absolutely warrants it - again, I will not be using them often.

Any recommendations for me?

Yeah I was also confused at some good reviews for Logitech speakers. I has a set of X-620s, and I was disappointed with them from the start.

Speakers should be a one time purchase, and a couple hundred bucks doesn't go a long way. It also depends if you want to go surround sound or not. I find surround sound is put to better use by PC gaming than by a Blu Ray player. PCs can leverage home theatre systems better than Blu Rays, and diminishing returns doesn't really kick in for home theatre until past $5000. I say this to dispel the notion that PC gamers have about audio as an afterthought.

That being said, you will probably be dissatisfied with a $75 purchase. $75 will probably lack power and sound quality which are both more important when you have company over. I would strongly recommend looking into spending up to $500 for something you will be happy with keeping for a decade or two. Some of the 2 speaker suggestions Logan and Tyler made in their speaker videos from a couple months ago would be a good start.

I'd figure the same, but the problem is two fold:
1) Budget is tight. I really don't think I could comfortably afford $50, but the lack of speakers is really annoying me
2) I have a shared spaced in a town house - I won't be able to play loud music. Even with the X-240 and SBS 340, both were enough to disturb the person I live with and my neighbors.

Ideally, I would go for a more powerful system, but I'm just not at a point where it would practical by any stretch. I have a small room so I don't really have the space to set up a surround system. With that said I'd prefer a 2.1 system for the balance of space and performance. Again, I have a pair of AKG K7xx for gaming, and open-back headphones have a wide sound stage, so in a sense I already have surround sound taken care off.

At first I was very reluctant to get a low power set, but the Inspire T3300 from Creative looks very good, especially from the reviews I've watched. Any opinions on those? It seems like an abvious choice, but I was originally looking for something on par with the old Logitech Z-2300 or Z623. Again, reluctant for low-power set, but considering space and budget restrictions, the T3300 seem like a good choice.

I was eye-balling the Edifier M1380. If anyone has opinions on those. Cyber Acoustics seems to have the value market, but the aesthetic of most of their models are horrid.

You could grab a pair of bookshelf speakers (maybe monoprice) and a lepai amp. That could work for you.

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I just got the Swan (HiVi) M10 set. If you get it on Massdrop it is $90 and some shipping. I paid $105 on Newegg because I didn't want to wait for the drop to end and then shipping after that. It's hard to get a good plug and play system for less than that. They just did this video if you want to do a little more digging:

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I never thought of using an amp (a car amp no less). I have a set of bookshelf speakers from an stereo system that we got rid off like 15 years ago. I had assumed they were useless without having a dedicated stereo unit, but I never made the connection of an amp. Should still work. Even if it isn't the sound I'm looking for, I could get a set of Monoprice bookshelf speakers or something or maybe add a sub later. Thanks!

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Just an update - the amps mentioned were pretty much sold out on Amazon (5-8 weeks deliver, or will arrive after christmas), and I went to Fry's (local electronics store) and they didn't have anything - only full blown receivers for home theater systems, and car amps that could deliver 1500w+ RMS, both starting between $150-$250. Overkill for my purposes, and well outside of my price range.

However, they had both the Z263 and Inspire T3300 on demo. I was, again, disappointed by the Logitech speakers - they didn't sound bad by any stretch, but I just expect more at the price range. I tried the T3300 and came the conclusion that the sub was underwhelming, but the satellites are very good and more than enough to be stand alone (sounded much better than the Z200 with the sub turned all the way down), so the sub is just extra. I was really surprised at how well they performed to the Z623, at least at low volumes - they were very competitive, though I'm sure if I cranked the volume the Z623 would win hands down considering the power output. I ultimately preferred the the sound profile of the T3300 in my limited testing, especially considering the price. Now, the silver lining - the T3300s were on sale for $30 (compared to $42 on Amazon, and $50 MSRP) and now that I have them properly set up in my room, they sound much better than they did in store.

I may still look into an amp later, but the T3300s surpassed my expectations, and are perfect for what I need them for. The fill my room with sound at 30% volume and the sound is great for media consumption.

Thanks again for the help. :)