[RESOLVED] Firefox send tab to device gone?

Just noticed that Firefox 54.0.1 (64-bit) doesn’t have Send Tab to Device… option on right click on the tabs. Can anyone conform?

Did a quick duckduckgo, but results are for some addons to do this before the feature existed.

This really bugs me, because sending stuff to phone or Windows before rebooting to it is very convenient.

Oh just noticed the whole Sync page is dead wtf…


So aparently arc-darker theme for firefox didn’t show any sync stuff to me (guess broken CSS or something), and sync either locked me out, or I simply never even logged in. Disabling arc-darker theme and re-singing into sync helped.

On mobile Firefox you can access all your desktop tabs under the “History” tab. No need to send anything.

Firefox comes with a built-in dark theme. Give that a try if you want something dark

That requires sync to work. It did not.

Arc-Darker is light theme actually, with only the title bar and tab bar being dark. I do fine with Compact default theme.

Well you only stated that the sync menu wasn’t shown, not that it was broken :wink:

Yeah. but as I said in the EDIT, I later figured out that I wasn’t signed in into sync.

Also sending a tab is still more convenient than searching through history.

No need to browse through anything. The currently opened tabs show in the history tab.

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