Resolution Scaling issue with Rage

Text cut off why? :frowning:

You should make your title more descriptive.

Also it looks like it wants to do 21:9 for some reason.

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It’s the title of the game if I remember that menu correctly.

Anyway, does anything change when you change resolution? As I see this is a laptop, is it even FullHD? Most laptops come with a lower resolution. Because it doesn’t seem to be cut off just to the right, but at the bottom as well.

Might be that is Windowed Fullscreen and not containing the game properly? Try Alt+Enter, that should switch between “real” fullscreen and windowed fullscreen.

launch the game with your native resolution by editing shortcut and adding those:

(edit numbers)
+set r_windowWidth 1920 +set r_windowHeight 1080

I was really hoping to see an incoherent rant about some bit of nerdly trivia here. Disappointed!

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I think he just wanted to vent, otherwise he would’ve made a descriptive title.

@techlife95, you should change your title to something more descriptive if you want help.

Yes, may I be so bold as to suggest:


Again… It’s the name of the game.

Yes, obviously, which is why I used the anarchy symbol. Actually, I really liked the boomerang stick thing. Other games should get that.

RAGE looked great upon release, if you could deal with “megatextures” popping in after 3-4 seconds.

They’re making a RAGE2, which is surprising as the first one did not exactly set the world on fire.

Well, it’s id software, they pretty much do what they want at this point. They probably also have some bonus points due to Doom (and maybe Wolfenstein because it’s their engine).

game sucks balls on gcn and newer amd gpus

Actually Avalanche Studios is making RAGE2 and they’re using their own engine, not idtech. They’re the same guys that made the rather decent Mad Max game a couple years back, so RAGE2 does kinda make sense. Nothing to do with id, it’s Zenimax farming out their IP.

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Wait a minute, you’re not the OP. You should’ve let the OP change the title, not forced it on him. It’s his choice to create a rant thread or one that’s actually seeking help.

He’s not active with his threads to begin with so I want to stop new people from being confused by a vague title and he is still completely capable of renaming as he pleases.

The original post to begin with breaks the low effort rule

Aw god damn :frowning: didn’t know that, thanks :smiley:

There’s a low effort rule? I don’t recall reading about that.

I solved the issue I ran 32 bt instead of 64bit and the text was no longer cut off :slight_smile:

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Oh… why did you ran the 64bit in the first place, it’s kinda known that thing is more beta then anything else on this game :stuck_out_tongue: