Resident Evil 7 (pc)

Just finished it

Very good game, just dont cheat yourself and put it on easy. Switch to first person is going to be a little polarizing, some will love it and some will hate it... but I think it pulled it off, things had become stale and it needed something different.

I think all of us know by now that what was released was most likely half the game and the rest of the game will be sold back to you as dlc (as is common these days), despite my jaded outlook on the gaming industry I decided to bite the bullet and get it anyway.

I dont think its length harms it that much, I would much rather have a good 8 hour game as opposed to 80 hours of constant similar sidequests (e.g minute men missions in Fallout4 etc).

In short, if your an RE fan and you had started getting tired of where things were heading then I think you will love this.

"Welcome to the family son"


  • 8 hours is a bit short for an RE game


  • It's a 'good' 8 hours :)
  • Looks awesome and plays like a dream on my pc, not a single stutter or hitch through my playthrough.
  • Almost makes me want to commit and get a vr headset (would need at least 3 to 4 more titles more to make me start saving my moolah)
  • Shotgun rocks

I'll be waiting for a sale, if REmake 2 runs that well though that'll be a day one buy

also the game got cracked already, denuvo proven useless once again

Couple of questions:

is VR implemented in the PC release?

I've heard that it "feels" more like an older title, but plays more like a newer one. is this accurate?

Is the broken shotgun better than the switched one upon repair?

VR is implemented afaik. My brother is recording his play through and posting it on YouTube. So far it's the most graphic RE I've seen. Then again that might just be a result of the the FPS view.

Many parts of it remind me of alien isolation.

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The resident evil games were never long games. Most could be completed in a few hours. What made them have lasting appeal is the replayabillity the games offer like new game plus, harder difficulty, costumes, and extra weapons.

Does RE7 offer the same replay value like its predecessors?

From what Ive heard, VR is exclusive to PS4.

No VR on the PC, no purchase. Usually I base my purchases on Linux support but I would make an exception for VR.

And no, I'm not going to use vorpx.

I have been enjoying the game with my only complaint being the lack of SLI support.
I am also impressed on how well the game runs on old hardware with the 760 in my media PC being able to run it on medium low settings at 1080p 60 and you can go higher if you don't mind 30 FPS.

The VR implementation is fairly poor with big display good headphones and a dark room working just as well IMO.

Oops. You're right. I heard it had VR and assumed. Didn't think they would make something like that an exclusive feature. Pretty shitty.