Resident Evil 2 Remake One-Shot Demo

Hi all :slight_smile:

I wanna know, any old school fans of the original Resident Evil trilogy on the PS1 back from the 90s here, or am i the dying dinosaur breed? :smiley:

Anyway, Capcom released a demo few days ago, and as a big fan, i wondered how good and capable was the new remake compared to old ones (creative, level design, atmosphere, and gameplay, not graphics ofc) and it surprised me just how many gaming channels released some kind of video showing off the demo, but not one of them dived in deep in the menus to see what can be expected under the hood for the pc gamers, and 99% of the gameplay videos were of horrible quality and DX11 mode only, and most played the game with controller, not mouse and keyboard etc.

So i made a higher quality 1440p video which is much more visually better looking then 99% of demo videos out there on the youtube, with DX12 mode ( demo was not supposed to be played in DX12 because of the bugs and crash issues) and mouse and keyboard controls. So if anybody wants to check it out you are welcome.

Played on PC: Ryzen 2600 [email protected] 16GB Corsair LPX [email protected] DDR4 MSI B450 Tomahawk SSD x2 Samsung EVO 750 @ RAID0 XFX Radeon RX480 8GB Black Edition AMD Adrenaline Driver version 18.12.3.

The game had few minor bugs with stuttering sound at the midpoint of the demo during a cutscene, probably due to the fact i tried to run the game in DirectX12 mode, which is not advisable for the demo, since it produces performance degradation at the moment. Otherwise game ran like a charm. Controls and aiming when playing with mouse and keyboard feel good and precise, not sluggish or artificially gimped in some way by creators of the game in an attempt to make the horror game more scary and tense. Knowing Resident Evil franchise, you will get your ass handed down to you via other means then gimping the aiming system for mouse options :slight_smile:

Tons of graphics and controls customization (both mouse-keyboard and controller options) As a big fan of the original 90s Resident Evil trilogy on the Playstation1 console back in the day, it is nice to see they transitioned the old game classic from a mix of 2D-3D pre-rendered environment into full modern 3D with great success.


Avoiding installing the demo myself, not because of potential spoilers as I have seen more than enough vids to tell me everything thats in the demo.

Looking forward to it too much and want to experience it all in a single weekend sitting

I should get very good performance at 1440p on my setup and I am hoping the dx12 issues were demo only and fixed for launch

I mean… for them to get raytracing up to snuff they would HAVE to smooth out those underlying issues first before layering RTX on top.

Here is hoping.

To amp myself up for the launch I am playing the original 1998 pc version on windows 10


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Literally just played the demo and overall I’m quite happy about it but I don’t think I can play it any further though, it’s not good for my heart. I don’t play much horror games and the original RE2 didn’t scare me but this is different.

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In regards to the original trilogy on the PS1 I wouldn’t even touch the PS1 as the sparkly, strange graphics with all the games on the system hurt my eyes. I found this out as my brother had the system and after experiencing headaches and dizziness from looking at whatever he was playing no way was I going to buy that system.

As for the new demo for RE2 can’t even figure out the first puzzle. Also I can see the controls are better than the earlier RE games but still some moments when it feels it could be better. Still though I look forward to getting past this puzzle and enjoying what I have seen in video reviews of the demo.

The original 2 RE games were awesome. I remember getting totally caught by the ‘don’t open that door’ jump scare with the dog in the mansion in the first one. Up until then, I hadn’t played a lot of other games with as much of a cinematic thriller-esque feel to them. The camera angles were great too, allowing you to hear something coming but not see it really added to the suspense.

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