Reshelling my condo's intercom. Want to use smart light switch for door buzzer

Long story short, my intercom’s base station has that glorious 80’s beige plastic and plan to reshell it so it’s flush with the wall and transfer talk/buzz control over to a capacitive two-gang light switch(with timers).
I’ve come across light switches like this one. However, what concerns me is the app’s need to have all the permissions under the sun.

Does anyone know of any smart-things light switch that does not require unnecessary access to your personal data on the app side? As far as the switch goes, it wont have access to the internet, I’m only interested in something that can take commands from local devices only

Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Not that I’m aware of. I just embraced the botnet that is Hue.

Theres no decently good FOSS alternative right now. Honestly I would say just roll with it and if you want to firewall it off and deny it internet access except when you need to update it and your probably fine