ReShade 3.0 vs Fallout New Vegas | Mod vs Vanilla

I'm loving the new ReShade 3.0. It's so easy to configure because of it's integrated UI making it easier to experiment without going in-and-out of the game. A lot easier than the cumbersome New Vegas ENB.

Settings and Mod Lists

In-game Video Settings:

1080p Borderless Window, Ultra, 4x AA, 16x Anisotropic, Texture High.

ReShade Effects:

HDR, LumaSharpen, Vibrance, Curves, LiftGammaGain, Vignette, AmbientLight, MotionBlur.

Mod List:

My only gripe is because of how New Vegas handles first-person view (the first-person hand model is treated as a camera overlay instead of being a part of the 3d world space), Ambient Occlusion and Reflective Bumpmapping are seen through your arms.

With enough tweaking, I could actually make New Vegas almost like Fallout 4.


i'd like to see that

New Vegas is the best Fallout game so far. Tempted to reinstall again.