Resetting Windows 7 password

So... My youger brother went on an adventure into the unknown realms of windows, and happened to make a user and a password... So yeah.. of course he don't know what the password is...

Any methods to remove the password or get into windows?

I have made a quick search around the webs and couldn't find some good solutions, ( most were some software code reset thingies.. I don't want to use them as I don't know if they're safe)


Thanks in advance.


ya.. trinity rescue disk has an automated tool to  remove passwords from windows users. it will take him about 3 min to do.

trinity rescue disk

he passworded the account with admin rights? or just created a random one? (if admin account is accessible you can just delete the account or change the pw)

did he actually set a password (typed something) and forgot it or he didnt type anything?, if he didnt type anything just hit enter and it should log in (no password)

Here's what you do if you forget the password, download a Linux live disc and boot into Linux

Mount your windows drive, if you're using Ubuntu then just click places then click on the partition that has windows installed on it

go to the system32 folder rename sethc.exe (the sticky key application) make a copy of cmd.exe and rename it sethc.exe

reboot into windows, when you get to the log in screen hit shift 5 times and the command prompt will open

From the command prompt you can change a user password or create a new user

say the user name is Josh use the following command to change the password

net user josh password

I'm pretty sure that is the correct syntax

to make a new user "net user temp /add" then add him to the administrator group "net localgroup administrators /add temp" it might be "net localgroup administrators temp /add"

after you make the new admin or change the password you can boot back into Linux change the sticky key application back.

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Hah well.. after some time I guessed his password.. He had mixed up, name and password (He can't read that well, and won't if he don't have to) So he had used his name as a password and.. well what I think would have been the password as the account name. Well could have been interresting to tried out the different things.. might just try anyway on my old machine.


Thanks for all the replies!