Researchers find that one person likely drove Bitcoin from $150 to $1,000

Hi @maxbeta1, please add some context and thoughts?

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I read it earlier today and even thought they don’t have proof they are trying to say - the market is not regulated which means it is possible that one man tanked the prices up to start the țhe snowball down the hill and now to make millions.

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we could be…

We shouldn’t be.

Reddit is a path to the dark side. Infested with groupthink, circlejerks and shadowbans, it is.

Isn’t every forum at least one of these things?
though i agree we should strive to be better.

I would say every forum has this -

but in some forums is overdoing the good stuff, here I feel like we are a bit more laid back but still there are linux zealots everywhere :smiley: ( that’s a joke mainly because some of the members of the forum think that windows is a minority in the forums )



Windows definitely appears to be the vocal minority on these forums, or at least at parity with Linux.


I mean it’s possible I went to the moon last week too

That’s not giving the article or the researchers a fair shot :confused:

How was it ?

By the way read the article I just read this one ( the one i read was from a random site like 12 hours ago and was missing some key things ). Actually they have proved that bots were using no money to do transactions and rise the price -

The manipulation happened primarily via two bots, Markus and Willy, that seemed to be performing valid trades but did not actually own the bitcoin they were using. During the Mt. Gox hack a number of these bots were able to create fake trades and make off with millions while manipulating the price of BTC.

Actually interesting read and its short.


I am pretty sure that a lot of people run Windows as a second OS on this forum which in the end will make Windows dominant. @SgtAwesomesauce Maybe I should make a new topic.

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That’s fair. Go for it if you’d like.

Hi, I added this as an info of sort.

Having said that, I started reading searching about this, after I found a Reddit post asking if any one is interested in ‘Pump and Dump’ and that they have successfully done that earlier.
I forgot to save that thread, and I am not able to find it again on Reddit (May be removed?).

I wasn’t sure where to post this link. i will keep this in mind next time.

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