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Requesting help with a Supermicro C7Z170-M


Good morning all,

I’m trying to help someone update the bios on their C7 Z170-M. It appears to have the original bios on it.
We encountered a few problems.
Firstly, the bios/uefi sometimes hangs when you try to enter into it upon startup.
Secondly, when trying to update using their command line style the files they have on their website seem to have incorrect syntax (But I am not a programmer, it just seems based reading Intel providing dev guide)
We are at loss as to why it hangs and I am not super comfortable rewriting the .nsh file.
Any help would be very appreciated.



I wold start removing components, drives, RAM just leave the minimal required to boot, any extra PCIe card make sure power cables are seated correctly then boot in to UEFI if you can. If it boots up then add back one device at a time till either it just works or figure out what is causing the issue. Might also be the power supply being flaky, might need to test with a different power supply.