Request: Monitor review playlist?

Heeyyy I’m shopping around for a new monitor to trade in my dell aw2518hf. It would be really awesome if you had a playlist on the channel for all the monitor reviews yall do!


I don’t have control over the YouTube channel, but if you’d like to make a thread with requirements over in #hardware, we would love to give you some recommendations!

I’m a bit confused: this category says “to ask Wendell, Ryan, and Krista about anything [including] the channel”

Oh, sorry, I should have clarified.

This thread is in the right place. Krista, Ryan and Wendell will absolutely get to this thread, I was just offering an option to get input from the community.

Ah, gotcha. I don’t have any real stringent requirements, but I’ll keep that in mind. I kinda just want to look at all the options and it’s a bit of a pain to sift through all the L1 videos manually and find the monitor reviews.

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This might help you out when looking at models with the features you want, from there, you can look up reviews.

Went ahead and collected all the links if anyone else wants: - Review: Crossover 324kS LED 3840 X 2160 60Hz FreeSync Korean Monitor - AMH A409 Unboxing & Review : Glorious 4k in 40 inches! - 40 inch 4k - The Microboard B400UHD HDX - Sexiest Korean 4k Display Yet - Crossover 324K 32 inch 4K Monitor Review - Microboard Curved 32 inch M320CLZ 144hz @ 1080p - Crossover 32SS Monitor Unboxing, Testing, Play Test, and Review - Crossover WQHD 34" Korean Monitor Review - Freesync 95hz AH-IPS - Pixio PX325c: 144hz 1080p Curved Monitor - Pixio PX347c 100hz Freesync Display Review + High Speed Test - Dell P4317Q Monitor Review - Pixio PX277 (2017) 1440p Freesync Monitor Review + Hard latency test - Pixio PX276 1440p Freesync Monitor Review - Pixio PXC32 1440p Freesync Monitor Review - Pixio PX 329 1440p Freesync Monitor Review - BenQ EL2870 28 Inch 4K Gaming Monitor Review - Samsung UJ59(LU32J590UQNXZA) 31.5" 4K Monitor Review


Liked and bookmarked.
Good job!

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