Request for assistance in getting steam to work at a university that blocks it

i've recently moved int residence at a university that it would seem has blocked steam and other similar gaming related services. i dont really know what to do to get around this and am not even sure if it is doable but i would appreciate any advice that lets me download a couple games from my library even if i cant play online. also i've been told(though i haven't tried personally, that you cant use a proxy ip for some reason.) any advice is much appreciated and dont worry this doesn't interfere with my studies. i hardly have access to my laptop anyway.

VPN? It usually works.

That's a crappy university too... what kind of university blocks internet.


Yeah, like @VXAce said, a VPN would be your best bet.

You should go talk to someone who's involved with the uni network and ask why Steam's blocked. Unis are usually the last place you'd expect to have a blocking system.

Probably some place like Liberty University.

This is on the iffy side of legal. I might be able to help but I'd need confirmation that this is ok with a mod.

If it's against the law it's against the rules (even if we disagree with the law)

Yeah, either Canada US or the UK.

Go to starbucks, hop on their public wifi. Download all your games, play in offline mode. Done.

That'll work with a tower... yup, also, still no online multiplayer at home. Wooo

Of course it'll work with a tower. I used to know a guy who got a luggage wheelie just to take his tower, monitor, and wireless adapter, etc, down to the local cafe about 3x/wk.

That's absolutely preposterous. Pics or it didn't happen.
Seriously though that just sounds silly. Probably looked silly, too.

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Its almost certainly legal in regards to criminal law. He might be breaking an AUP though or some contractual agreement. Regardless @spartansheep, you may put your education at risk if you're caught subverting network restrictions.


I would just ask first to the university

It did look silly, but he didn't give a shit.

You could try changing your DNS to use google or some other public DNS server, sometimes all they do is stop the DNS from resolving properly. But more likely they're blocking the ports that steam uses (it doesn't use HTTP) or even the IPs. For that you'll need a VPN.

It's pretty easy to block VPNs too so for the best chance look for something whic uses port 443, as long as they're not blocking the IPs you should be able to get it working.

When I was at University I regularly seen people playing games through Steam/Origin in the library on their laptops and it would've been entirely possible to play Counter Strike during a lecture and to be honestly It probably happened as well.

GO here, read. Make the change to launch using TCP instead of UDP. I've used that in a few environments like you're stuck in and it worked.

This is true, I know someone that hacked a hospitals wifi and got expelled from his school... this was in the Philippines though, different set of rules.

CS on school internet... that must be cancer, a friend says that the latency and packet loss is pretty bad since the school's filter figures out you are gaming and smacks you on the head.

I never tried it myself so I can't say whether the latency was high, although It may not have been that bad. The University does game development courses and it was possible for game development students to play video games such as League of Legends and Counter Strike on the normal desktops and I guess you could make a case that playing games using the Universities WiFi was "research".