Repurposing old android phone

So, recently i bought a new phone because my old one got really slow, terrible battery life, and the usb connector got iffy.

Now i'm wondering if i could repurpose it as a raspberry pi-like device, using it as a vpn server perhaps, etc. Its an "alcatel los angeles" which is a rebrand of an alcatel/telenor onetouch OT 990. The rom on it actually displays "telenor onetouch" (got it that way when i bought it from a friend)

I'm hoping to find some way to use it to remotely use wake-on-lan for my home computers. And if possible VPN, IRC server, no-ip domain updater, web server, http proxy, and some other small stuff.

phone specs:

150mb internal storage (4GB SDcard)

360mb ram

wifi 802.11 b/g/n (surprisingly fast for such a cheap phone)

Qualcomm MSM7227 600MHz cpu

ps: i fully realise most of the stuff i listed i want to do is most likely not possible, i just want to explore the possibilities, and potentially turn the brick into something useful.

thanks in advance.

You could connect a Bluetooth gamepad (a MOGA controller for example) and use it to emulate some older games. You could get a bigger memory card and use it as a music player, or you could just use it to stream music if that's your thing. EDIT: Also, see if you can root it and install a custom kernel and/or ROM. Custom ROMs/kernels can give you better performance and the ability to overclock.

it has been rooted since i got it, but its too slow to be actually used as a media device, the rom its using was put on there for exactly the reason of the device being too slome to do pretty much anything. i'm hoping i could somehow use it as a wake-on-lan thing for when i'm out, but my first idea of getting a VNC server on there, and a WOL app failed miserably as it doesnt seem to support input from vnc