Replacing my Synology DS213+

Hello everyone


Sorry if this is in the wrong category, I could not find one for servers / NAS.

I want to replace my Synology DS213+, which does not have enought power. Since the Synology-non rack servers do not have anything more powerful than a 4core Atom, I want to switch to a different OS.

  1. FreeNas:I like what I have read so far about ZFS, and the GUI of FreeNAS looks really clean. I very much enjoy the simplicity of Synology DSM. Are there any other OS that are woth looking into?
  2. ZFS needs a lot RAM. Do you think an Atom 2750 for Plex and 16GB of ECCM Ram would be enough for 9TB of storage? Or am I better off looking into the Xeon family?

Thanks in advance for your help :-)