Replacing my super noisy AIO


I built a new pc a couple of months ago:

I bought the h100i GTX mainly because I like the look of it. However, after owning computer for a while I just want something that runs cool and mainly quiet. My GPU doesn't run its fans until it gets to a certain load so am not worried about that and even though I wear headphones when I game I can still hear the pc and is loud both idle and full load.

I was looking at getting the be quiet dark rock 3 and using some silent wings at low rpm as my case fans as I am not doing masses of overlocking, I mainly bought the K i7 because it was on sale and was not much more.

Would this be a good choice for silence at idle and quiet at full load.


That would be a good choice for silence. So far i have yet to see a more silent cooler than the NH-D15 but that thing is really damn ugly. If aesthetics aren't a concern go for the NH-D15 but if they are I recommend you take a look at the Cryorig R1 ultimate, same performance as NH-D15 a few dB louder and much better looking IMO.

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Yeah, with the massive window on the 400c, I wanted a black cooler wouldn't the dark rock 3 be quieter as it only has 1 fan.

The Cryorig has a dB level of 38 compared to the h100i at 64 dB according to This review but yes the Dark rock 3 is less than half the Cryorig dB level shown in These results If you do decide to do some overclocking the headroom that the Cryorig gives you is invaluable but if not I'd go with the dark rock 3 to save some noise and money

Awesome thanks,

I am going to get the dark rock 3 and some be quiet case fans,

Do you know the difference between the pure wings series and silent wings series of be queit fans other than the price haha?

silent wings series push slightly less air at a higher pressure and at a lower dB level check here to see the actual numbers

all the above plus different mounting mechanisms/ options

Would fractal design Venturi fans be a quieter choice for case fans?