Replacing my old 8600gts

hey guys i want to get a new video card now that my 8600gts it's not enough since i just got a new 23' monitor , what card do you guys recommend i have $150

i play games like


far cry 2


far cry 2




4850 or the 4870!!!!

4850, two 8800GT's in SLI or a 4850X2/GTX 275 since you seem like the budget type.

4850 all the way dude get the 1GB model if ur monitor is 1680:1050 or above

4850.. I like it so far.

i have the xfx 4850 512mb edition. i have it running on a 24 inch monitor, 1920x1200 it seems to do fine it plays all those games you listed great. just depends on your processor.


nice to see UT3 on your list..4870 or 4850,make sure its XFX ;) jk Not bad for $100 If you want cheap Nvidia.

4870 for 155 shipped

Nothing for the price new has anything on this guy

my gtx 280 fares well so far, so does my 8800 gts 512, id recommend GTS 250

thanks for the reply's guys. i might be getting a 4850 or 4870 haven't decided yet


i have a almighty amd x2 4800+ will that be enough or i will be bottlenecked?

Good golly, everyone is now pulling themsevles towards the 4870 after AMD dropped the prices off them. =O

The CPU should be fine as well. Just be sure to have more cool air for it.

Hmmm, I think that CPU might be a little bottleneck.

well right now it's running at 27c , that's ok right? maybe a little oc will help me with that bottleneck.



Cheaper than 9800gtx+, but just as good.

GreenSLi wrote 1 hour ago »


Cheaper than 9800gtx+, but just as good.

In some cases its even faster than the 9800GTX+

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Just wait for the 4770!!