Replacement Processor

Hey guys. I need a replacement for an i5-6200u. I wanna get a gaming laptop, and I found a good laptop, but I don't want a dual core processor. Ill give you the link, and see if you can find a processor compatible with this laptop's socket and specs. Appreciate it if you could find a quad-core processor. Thanks!!

It's likely that the processor is soldered into the motherboard on that laptop, you're probably better off just selling it and buying a higher spec laptop.

Yup, Socket FCBGA1356. BGA stands for Ball Grid Array

It's soldered on.

Sometimes I forget why they solder, it cost more money to solder a CPU onto a laptop right? Unless it helps with thermals.

Oh well. Thx though for the info though. Appreciate it.

Nope. Costs less because you do not need to connector (socket) which otherwise would have to be soldered on.

Also allows the thing to be thinner. Again because no socket

If you have thunderbolt on it an external GPU will do fine with that CPU. I think Razer is selling an ultrabook with the same or similar CPU and with the Razer Core external GPU is a decent combo. And surely has better thermals than a gaming notebook.