Replacement Mechanical Keyboard/ Moniter

Does anyone know what a decent cheap mechanical keyboard there is in the Canadian Market? I was using a crappy rubber dome keyboard but I managed to break the spacebar, so it will pop out unexpectedly...
I have narrowed it down to these ones as I want to move into mechanical keyboards but I don't want to spend way too much ($110+ CAD)
Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition ( $92.38) (Razer Green)
Adesso MKB-125B Wired Slim Keyboard ( $88.18) (Cherry MX Blue)
Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Rapid ( $97.22) (Cherry MX Blue)
Corsair Vengeance K65 ( $107.08) (Cherry MX red)

I was wondering which one would be the best one to use? I have played with some of those cherry switches but I didn't know which type I was using.

Also, should I upgrade to a 21:9 LG 25UM57-P (2560x1080, 5MS, IPS) ( $230.98) (as an early Christmas present for myself lol)
I am currently using a Benq GW2265 6ms that I bought for $136.95 just over a year ago.

Note: All prices are in CAD and all include tax, so its the final price I will be paying. :3

I know there is a guy on amazon that sells pre 1992 IBM model M's for $75

I heard that the Model M's are vintage and very soght for, but I'm pretty hard on my peripherals and I don't exactly want to wreck a piece of vintage hardware :P

wreck a model M? I SERIOUSLY doubt it

Model Ms are basically indestructible. Due to the nature of buckling springs, the keypress is quite heavy. If you do end up going this route make sure you're prepared for some heavy and loud click-clack typing.

Figure out what switch you want. It's kinda hard to figure out what switch you want without actually trying it, but doing some reading won't hurt:

Generally blues or browns are what I'd go for, especially for a first keyboard. If you have people around you, definitely don't go with blues. Blues have a crisper and more defined click than browns. Cooler Master's Quickfire Rapid is definitely a solid choice. I have an Adesso AKB-625USB on order from Amazon, but it hasn't shipped yet since it's not at Amazon's warehouse yet, so I can't remark on Adesso's stuff.

"Razer Green" is basically a Kaihua Kailh Blue keyswitch cloned into Razer's switch. Chinese made, so I prefer Cherry MX.

For monitors, it depends on what you do on your computer. Your current monitor seems pretty solid for an inexpensive 1080p monitor.

Do you guys know what keys the Logitech G710+ uses?

Should be Cherry MX Browns or Blues.

A friend of mine was using that keyboard, I tried it out and I loved the typing experience.
Also, I live in a dorm where I have my own private room, and the walls do a good enough job of sound dampening. My desktop is on the slightly louder side so I do not think it would be too much of an issue lol.

You should be safe going with a Cherry MX Blue or Brown keyboard then. You should probably ask him which keyswitch his keyboard is if you want to make sure. If he doesn't know, it's pretty easy to take off an arrow key and look at the color of the switch.

My current personal favorite is MX Blues.

I've tried:
Cherry MX | Red, Black, Brown, Blue
Kaihua Kailh | Brown, Blue
Omron | Romer G

Link me, NOW! Model M's for 75? Impossible!

@Dcorlisslai Also cehck out /r/mechmarket and Aliexpress for cheap good mechs. Been on a massive binge recently.

The G710+ uses a Cherry Brown Key, but I went with the Adesso MKB-125B. (Arrive hopefully by Tuesday if I'm lucky) Although I loved the quietness of the G710+ I am more of a guy who responds to sound inputs.

I'm only 17, and lived most of my life in HongKong, only returning to Canada two years ago and hearing about this anctient stuff xD (Gameboy, N64, etc... now Model M)

In that case, o-rings and something under the keyboard will help immeasurably. I have a towel running double duty as a wrist rest and sound dampening and also o-rings, so pleasing.

That Adesso has a layout which I'm not used to typing on. Just a heads up, hopefully you knew that and can type on a layout like that.

I alternate between many different kinds of keyboard, I'be using a full size one that was rubber dome but I learn pretty quickly... I heard that speicifcly the "Spacebar" is like 20% shorter?

Not sure. The Adesso doesn't seem like a standard layout.

Personally I'd go for the Quickfire Rapid. I guess if the Adesso's layout doesn't work out for you, you can easily return it since you bought it from Amazon(I presume).

Erm. "Preparing for Shipment" right now. I'll take your word of advice and go with the Quickfire rapid (Depends on if I'm able to cancel the order, already put the request in, and I will just have to hope it goes through)

Edit: Couldn't cancel it as I think it may have been sent out for shipment?, that aside the layout seems to be closer to a Laptop layout 15.6" and up which have the numberpad as well (All the keys squished together)
Also, whenI usually type, my left thumb is at around the "N" key and thats the end of the spacebar, I don[t know how that will affect me but I will give it a shot.)

not impsooible, you just have to look, I got one from an old guy clearing out his business for $10, But IBM is selling them for $90 on amazon

Another major issue... I'm in Canada and most of the time sellers won't ship up here

I'm using the the Razer Blackwidow, and for the most part im loving it. Good feel to it and for price it's
pretty reasonable. Id be surprised if you managed to damage the keys

A little too late :P Amazon Prime'ed the Keyboard (My brother's subscription) (Adesso MKB-125B) Oh well, I guess I'll be using the Adesso with its non-standard layout. its arriving Tomorow, oh buy... I have 3 or even 4 packages coming in tomorrow, Christmas came early for me.