Replacement Headphone cushions

Alright. Just as the title says, i'm basically looking for new cushion for my XB500s as they've started to wear. The headphones themselves are still working great.

Where do i even start?

With Duck Tape and a little soft foam you can do it

Hmm, and here i thought i wouldn't run into any troll responses on TS. Could have sworn that was a staple of IGN.

And it's duct tape, btw.


Anyone? I'm sure SOMEONE's had some OEM parts for headphones replaced at some point.

There is a brand called Duck Tape, that makes duct tape.

SkullAbyss is one of the oldest members on the site, having been here since RTW days. It is not a troll post, it is just a cheap alternative for repairing your, well, cheap headphones. My old Skullcandies were taped together like that, and they worked fine until I caught them on fire. If you're going to be a dick to the only person who took the time to comment on your thread, then get off of TekSyndicate.

Well, I wasn’t aware that there’s a brand of DUCT TAPE called “Duck Tape”. And even then, I’m trying to find OEM REPLACEMENT PARTS for my headphones, which actually weren’t all that cheap, btw. If they were, I wouldn’t bother finding replacement parts for headphones I’ve had for about two years now.  

I’m not looking to make my headphones look like a jury-rigged redneck contraption with duct tape...

My BAD, skullabyss. Welcome the wonderful disadvantages of communication through typing. Again, my bad. I thought you were trolling or something. Didn’t know there was a deluxe duct tape of sorts. Or that they’d actually name it “Duck tape” (lol).



And no one’s being a dick, dude. It’s logic, in case you didn’t notice. It’s quite painfully obvious... I automatically thought the guy was talking about DUCT TAPE, not some sort of specialized duct tape, which again, I don’t want to use. I’m looking for replacement cushions. I just want to get an answer from someone who has experience with this stuff, and knows of how to go about getting OEM replacement parts. So don’t take it at heart... or act like you run the site, for that matter. Because I TOTALLY would have guessed that the guy wasn’t referring to some “Duck Tape”, instead of DUCT tape...

And he took probably about 5 seconds to type what he did... Again, logic. You’re acting as if he wrote a few hundred words of advice.