Replacement for iTunes

Firstly, I know there are threads asking the same question but the latest one I can find is from over a year ago so the answers may be completely different now.

I have been in the process of completely removing apple products from my life for the past 6 months. iMac, iPhone, iPad are all gone. The only thing that remains is iTunes.
I have a large collection of music which I moved from iTunes on my iMac over to iTunes on my Windows machine. I would now like to remove iTunes from my PC all together and I need to good music player to manage and play back my collection. I've seen people talk about Foobar2000 and Winamp but I'm reluctant to take the plunge on either until I've explored all the options.

What would you guys and gals recommend?

Foobar all the way. Customization is just insane and with plugins you can do anything. Check out the Tek Syndicate's videos on foobar if you haven't already.


Just watched it. I'm going with Foobar for sure. Thanks

I personally recommend MusicBee. Lots of customization options, clean user interface, and it can play .flac files, if you're into that.



I mostly use Spotify for my music because I listen to a huge range of music and being a student I can get it for half price but when I'm listening to something that isn't on Spotify or local files, foobar2000 for sure.

I'm pretty much the same. I use spotify for music that I don't already have. I've installed Foobar and I will continue to play with it. I like it so far though.

Winamp for sure. One of the earliest mp3 players with low resource and less taxing on your PC than the windows media center player. The winamp equalizer is phenomial that makes you feel like your listening in live hall or have a $200 dollar headset like Beats by Dre or dem hipster DAC AMP incandescent light bulb stuff. As for foobar2000, I've always gotten bloatware and viruses along with it so I never used it as much.


Is there any chance you could elloborate on that? Was it just the plugins that came with problems or was it the actually software? Having already installed it, this was a little concerning to read.

yea u should be safe now if you download from a reputable website like sourceforge and majorgeeks. I downloaded it years back with it packaged with other software. I think it was package with virtual line-in (soundboard) and mp3 ripping software back then.

Back then I think foobar was really a FUBAR. looked like that bottom chrome tab and sometimes would spike up to 45% usage on my duo core laptop. It was sorta my fault cuz I wasn't sure what the offical foobar2000 looked like. Nowadays it actually looks like a itunes alternative. winamp was the reourse king for me. Having 10,000+ songs in shuffle playing BF3 with max CPU usage and the songs aren't skipping or taking 2-3 seconds to que like on windows media or another player.

Okay cool that has put my mind at rest. I downloaded it from and it didn't try installing any other software that I am aware of.

Music bee.

don't listen to people recommending foobar, its a pain to customize to make it useful and half the shit wont work (ASIO)

Music Bee on the other hand, works out of the box, customization, can sync your devices among other things.

Will give that a try as well and see which one I prefer. Thanks!

This has always been a problem for me every time I try to use foobar.

That aside, use what works for you.

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100% true, but Foobar is a time sink and I think people should only recommend stuff that "works" out of the box.

I've been using it since before the 2000s and am still using it to this very day...


There can be only one...

I'm going to get hate for this, but Windows Media Player works just fine for me.

Logic: anything is better than Apple products.


Windows 10 doesnt have Windows Media player, it has a tool called "Groove" looks the same, works the same.... But yes it does have good audio playback.

So very true...

In WinAmp - I trust :)

I wouldn't know, I don't, and wont EVER use Windows 10.

I prefer an OS where I am still at least somewhat in control without having to manually block IP addresses.

Seriously though, what's wrong with WMP on Windows 7? It's always worked better for me than anything else. Tried iTunes a long time ago when I had an ipod. It liked to freeze up alot. I assume because it was running in a Windows environment.

er.... you probably will.. MS are making win7 updates part of win10 updates. Win11 will just be part of this shit... You will eventually. Just use WinAmp lol

Not going to happen in your life time

It's playback codecs are very good. EQ and all, I've enjoyed many a night thanks to windows media playing some mp3 files.

That's just wrong, sick... sick... whats wrong with you!

Just when you thought it couldnt get more wrong, it did... Never go Apple.

Nothing, just WinAmp is better, learn how to move files and what folders mean.

WinAmp = Not going to happen to you.... I got 300,000+ tracks in WinAmp, works soo good for me :)