Replacement for i7 4770k + System Critism/Recommendations

I believe we can afford an intel processor. Now its to decide whether I should go with the Haswell or its refresh.... September is an awful long time to go to without a main pc

Haswell-R is marginally better and z97 supports broadwell so go with the newest

I'd like to have minimal downtime for my friend so what would be the best plan? Grab a z97 and then grab a haswell? I really wish haswell would refresh tomorrow...

Fun fact, it will.

I read about the June 2nd but I also heard about something about a scarcity or some kind of cherry picking method that will result in the processors being retail available/consumer buy able something during september. 


First of all, im not a AMD fan

Second, i do know what im talking about. if you think that you can correct me then you need to come with more "valid points" then just "intel is better". Cause i was talking about an i5 not i7. so bring me some proof that i am wrong please?

Third. stop calling people out as fans!

Nothing today.. Dang

Since you can afford it, you should get a z97 board with an i7-4770k and overclock it. The AMD performs nearly as well, at stock speeds but you can overclock both and the i7 will stay ahead with a smaller overclock than the 8350 will with a larger overclock. If you got them money, then why not get the best.

here is a build using the silverstone sugo 9B you mentioned before:

And will will most likely want this short cable kit:

*** I chose the 850watt power supply because it was $1 more than the 600watt... so why not.

I chose the closed loop CPU cooler over a noctua because it will free up more airflow to the system components. I did add 2 Noctua NF-f12's so you can get the acousitc benefits. You can put the fans into a push/pull on the radiator, or you can put one on the radiator and replace the included 12cm intake fan with one of the noctuas. the system would run really quiet then.

I did see a video of a noctua NH-D14 and 2xGTX 680's in this case, but I think it is probably overkill and I am willing to bet the ambient temp was pretty high even though there was good flow directly to the CPU and graphics cards.

**An important side note for this case is that it will get warm in a shelf or cabinet because it will draw in the hot air that it spits out the back from the top. It might be best to find a case that takes in air from the front if you are going to have it in a cabinet.

yes but a 4770K is not "much" faster in rendering then a FX8350, "it just isn´t"

Its just a couple of seconds, In my opinnion, not enough to justify the price diffrence. if you realy want significant render performance increase over the FX 8 core, then you need to grab a 4930K.

offcourse if you are willing to pay for a 4770K then just do it. its a great chip overall, and slightly faster

But i thought that the 4770K was outa budget in the main question, wasn it? since the rig will be used mainly for editing and gaming, and there is a limited budget, i think the FX8350 is a better choice, if you on a strickt budget. ☺

And for TropiKo:

this has totaly nothing to do with AMD Fangirl ism.. It´s just all about the price ♥

there is a haswell overclocking guide stickied in the overclocking subforum. go check it out.

Even an i5 is marginally better than an FX8350 in games

Does it makes sense to get an i7 JUST for gaming? No

Is FX8350 better value? Yes

Is an 4670k performing better than fx8350 in games? Yes, if you don't factor in the multithreaded ones.

Better minimum and average FPS are more important than max FPS in benchmarks.

Did you ask for proof? Just compare your results to benchmarks (and now there's unbiased reviews like Logan's).

I said you don't know what you're talking about implying that you most likely don't own a recent intel and you seem to denigrate them just because.

What about the TIM?? Yeah sure it's bad knowing that they don't use proper solder anymore but : Haswell has temperature issues when faced with overvoltage, but other than that it's the coolest (q9550/q6600/phenomII-x4 950 equivalent) chip yet. The thermal paste is only an issue if you have trouble watercooling when overclocking. On air I doubt you'll throttle it until the TIM becomes a hindrance.

Ok you're not a fan, though you do your share of praising brands on this forum

if you read the thread, then you knew, its not just about gaming, but also video editing and rendering, on which the FX8350 is better then the i5 mostly

Also that the i5 is marginaly better then the FX8350 in gaming is also something you can discuss about, cause thats just highly dependin on the games you play. But indeed the i5 is a sollid cpu for gaming, and games that are very bad optimized to use multiple cores, yes in those games the i5 shines. But alot of todays an probably upcomming games gonne be more towards multiple core ussage, and that makes the diffrence between intel and amd realy small.

so yeah... still no valid points... ☺ (i never said that the i5 is bad by the way.) even at rendering it will do fine. but an i7 or FX8350 would be a better choice overall.for gaming + editing + rendering.

But yeah im not botter to discuss about it. honnestly. cause the main question is, they looking for a cpu thats good at gaming and also rendering and editing. and cause of the mix of those, the FX8350 for its price point is just great value. since theire budget is limited.

Yeah, if teh goal is to save some money, and put it into the graphics workhorse for rendering, I dont really see a reason to get even an FX 8350--- Grab the 8320 and overclock it a bit! I built a machine for a client with teh 8320 and he loves it. 

Thank you very much. This helped a ton. I'll be replacing the 780 with a R9 290 as it is cheaper but other than that, this build is very very much appreciated!

Sorry Angel your wrong on that one. If you are careful you overclock the Xeon E3 1230 V3 to 4Ghz by adjusting the BLCK. Both me and Logan have done this on our machines using different boards.

  You can overclock but nowhere near as high as a K part.

I believe I've done this before when I was learning to overclock on a C2D e8600 that was in a cheap motherboard.  It wouldn't let me change the multiplier, and I had to mess with the FSB or something.  I kinda didn't know what I was doing, but I managed to get my 3.33ghz C2D running at 4.0ghz and stable in Prime95 for 12+ hours.

Glad I could help.

I put this model in from PC partpicker.

I would stay away from the powercolor R9-290's because they have bad reliability complaints from several online vendors. The gigabyte model is good, but the triple fan model may be too long for cable management convenience. Try to find one that has a 2-fan cooler and comes with a decent factory overclock. The blower models from any vendor have complaints of noise... AMD graphics cards get hotter than the nvidia (not that that's a problem at stock speeds anyway).