Replacement for i7 4770k + System Critism/Recommendations

I forgot to mention I love close to a micro center so I can buy him parts. The prices are considerably lower or the same(i5 and i7 anyways). Does that change opinions at all? Haswell refresh is coming as well if we put that into consideration. Any ideas on their performance or stay with this one?

If the prices are cheaper, just get a 4770k and overclock it properly. You can get much better performance that way. These things are usually best done by setting a budget and then figuring out the best performance you can squeeze out for that performance. 

If you friend is doing some rendering and video editing, then he might want more ran than 8gb, and he also might want an SSD to speed up the operating system and program processes. If you can save money on processors and etc, then maybe you can create a better total experience.

Is the super small form factor a requirement or was the micro-ATX form factor build I recommended earlier ok?

There are a lot of options and I think they depend on what parameters you and your friend set.

Here is the m-atx build I put together. Even if you dont like it overall, is the form factor ok? Its a little taller and a little wider than the Sugo, but not nearly as tall as as a mid tower case.

A system with a 8350, more ram and a SSD will be faster than an intel at the same price, but it depends on each program. Look into benchmarks to see what works best for you and if it's a stalemate then just go with what is cheaper.

I agree with feralshad0w more RAM is better for editing.

You want to always get the latest and greatest you can afford, so if you are up for overclocking wait for 4790K to come out and get the latest chipset : Z97.

The difference between a 4790k and a 4770k is just a small clockspeed increase (which can be achieved with a tiny overclock) and a newer chipset that doesn't add any new functionality but future compatibility with broadwell.

If the difference in price is low then always get the "latest and greatest". If you're on a budget, any unlocked haswell from 2013 can perform just as well as the haswell refresh ones from 2014, so keep that in mind if the price gap is large (take cheaper CPU, "overclock" it to overpriced CPU level = win)

Whatever CPU you're going with, always research for benchmarks on the programs you will use. Ultimately the video card and drive speed (and available memory) dictates how fast the computer will be in these editing programs and especially games (in most new games there is no substantial difference between an AMD and intel right now)

Thank you for you input everyone on the build. I'll probably just go with a 4790k when it comes out as I live close to a Micro center and it could cost as much as the Xeon processors.

I have an old 3x8 set of RAM lying around that he can have. I showed him the case but he said it was a bit bigger than the nook that he's going to shove the computer in, thats why he went with the sugo. We decided on mATX because of what it features along with the size. I do agree with the build though

You live near a microcenter :O

Lucky!  That sounds like a very solid route.

"Near" means I can drive to it in a days length but very worth it!

Ive looked at the AT a700x's, grado sr80i, ath md50's, and such. Which or any other headphones would be great all arounds? I'm looking at sub-100 class headphones

I forgot to ask for opinions
How is the overclock ability on the 46790k vs the 4670k going to compare in terms of temps? Just curious if you guys think its worth waiting for or it might be a sham

Hyperthreading doesn't affect temperatures as it did before. Any features haswell (re)introduced can be left on/auto. You'll definitely want something better than the stock cooler as that tiny box cooler is worse than the older lga775 ones.

I had 95° on a badly installed boxed cooler, 70° max with a CM hyper 212 evo.

Well, nobody knows.  It's supposed to run slightly cooler, faster, and have a better thermal paste between the CPU IHS and the CPU die.  I'll wait for some testing before I sprout out my opinions on it.

How much is slightly cooler? I told my friend to wait for that because it might be coming June 2. I like the idea of being cooler while being to overclock more. I'd buy one for myself if that's the case there. I'll wait too, no use rushing into a shabby product.

Its most likely going to be a noctua.

I forgot to ask, but do you know any good guides for overclocking haswell and keeping the power saving advantages? I heard the z87/z97 was different from OC'ing a z77 platform.

Well, the release is so close now that I'd wait for it.

Shouldn't be any different.  Haswell might just be a bit more toasty since some of the voltage regulators are on the CPU itself.

na problem with haswell 1.0 is the bad TIM (thermal interface Material) they used to dispace the heat. But in all honnesty, intel cpu´s wenn overclocked, never realy run cool.

AMD FX run's alot cooler.

Devils canyon will be an Overclockers enthusiast chip with improved tim, some rumours told about overclock numbers upto 5GHZ, but in all honnestly, first proof then believe "intel" i wanne see it on all core´s! Not on just on one or two. ☺

Anyway on the budget, i would stil grab a FX8320 or FX8350 anyway for rendering. like i said before, it will be better then the i5. for its price point. especialy if you render alot, of larger video´s. But yeah dont cheap out on a motherboard, keep saying it!

But yeah if he wants m-atx, then you will be stuck to intel.

MisteryAngel I get you're an AMD fan but don't go saying stuff you don't know about intel without prior personal experience.

I'd recommend fx8350 over i7 anyday because it's clearly better value but if you can afford it intel is better.

Thank you for your input Angel