Replacement fans for H110

Hi Folks,

I'm currently looking at replacing the fans on my Corsair H110 and I was wondering what you recommend?

I've found that the stock fans tend to rattle and make quite a bit of noise (even after several RMA's). I've tried using Push as well as Pull and found I get better temps with Pull but that rattle seems to start up after some heavy gaming (fans at around 50%). Has anyone else experienced this with Corsair fans?

Idle temps are around 30c with my 6350 @ 4.5 and climbs to about 50c on load. They are 140mm.

Really I'm just after something that is good quality and not to noisy, I'm happy with the current temps!

i really like cougar brand fans, advertised for 30,000 hours and if you add the included 7volt adapter they are whisper quite.

most people would recommend notcua brand fans as they work well and are really quite as well just a bit more expensive than most fans.

If you don't mind the looks and the price tag then Noctua is a good choice.

Noctua Nf-F12s

Corsair Sp-120 (They're higher end then the ones bundled with the H100i)

Cooler master Jet flo

The SP-120 and the NF-F12 will not fit as the H110 uses 140mm fans, these are both 120mm fans. There is a 140mm version of the Noctuas but there is no 140mm version of the Corsair fans.

Oh, my bad, must have mistaken it for an h100i.  

NF-F12s are 120mm though and the H110 is a 280mm radiator.

Cougar,Gelid and Noctua make good 14cm fans.

Aerocool Shark is a good one if you want leds.

You could take a look at the NF-A14 from noctua, I have nocuta fans in my own case and I love. And I dont get why people tend to complain about their looks, I like it they are different and make the insides more interesting to look at. They are more expensive than others but they are top notch, and they have a 6 year warranty.

Thanks for the advice folks! I knew Noctua would be popular, I just wanted to make sure that it had the power to go through my Radiator.

They are hard to find in the UK, but I managed to track a couple down!

Just wanted to give you guys some feedback!

I went with 2 NF-A14 FLX and damn they are quiet! My temps are roughly the same but I cant even hear them any more! Before trying to sleep with my rig on was almost impossible, but now I hardly notice it in a quiet room!

I'm sure I could run them at a higher RPM to get lower temps, but right now I'm pretty happy!

Thanks a bunch folks!