Replaced microphone in oneplus one still not working

So I've had this issue with my oneplus one for about 6 months now where people can only hear me if I put on speakerphone. I have tried everything software related like editing xml files etc. Finally I replaced the microphone and the issue is still here. Anyone else had a similar issue and know how to fix?

Have you tried using a headset with mic? If that works, you might as well go full Snowden and remove the onboard microphones altogether.

I'll test it out but I'd prefer to have of back to normal phonecalls with mic.

There's a lot that could have gone wrong. I'll make a list
-Faulty Microphones
-Dead/dying capaictors/resistors in the mic circuit
-dead mic IC
-connection break somewhere
-all of this can be summed up to be a bad motherboard

Edit: Didn't read it right. Ignore all of the above. It probably isn't any of this. My guess would also be software.

I would agree but if the mic works in Loudspeaker mode then gut would say software.

Tried a flash back to stock or something custom ROM?

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I'll try flashing another ROM but I had done this a lot of times in the past few months and there has been no difference. I really think its a hardware issue and since the replacement didn't help I'm not sure what to do. Don't really want to get a new phone either.

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These could well be the issues especially since the replacement mic did not work either (unless it is faulty as well).

You got a multimeter? Check resistance of mic, should only be a few ohms

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