Replaced GPU Now getting screen flicker

I had a ASUS 1050ti dual (or twin I can’t remember.) that died, after RMA they sent me out a replacement card which was a slightly different variation the Expedition series of the 1050ti.

I’ve only just put it in and am updating to the latest drivers but I have been getting some weird flickering…

Any ideas what might be causing this???

I had reset my BIOS when the original card died as part of my testing, but I don’t think anything in there would make a difference. I’m not even sure I had changed much, set the RAM to use the XMP profile and turned off the LED on the mobo.

If you think it’s relevant I’m running an AMD Ryzen 1600 on a Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3 16GB Corsair Ram

80% of the time its a driver issue. Revert to an older driver.

…20% of the time, its the nvidia illuminati punishing you for running nvidia on an AMD platform.

I never had this issue with the old card, and had been running that driver for a while. I finished the update and it hasn’t happened since so I’m just going to close this false alarm.

If I knew how to close it…

You try different display output?

It only has the one hdmi. I would hope a brand new card wouldn’t have a faulty output though.

Its most likely a refurb