Repairing damaged lcd-led panel

Not sure where to post this, so move topic if necessary.


I managed to stab my TV with a knife here the other day (don't ask how), and there's now a small spot approx. 1 mm wide 3 mm long spot where the pixel's behind appear white (don't think they are dead).

I suspect that only the polarizing panel has been damaged, and hope there's a way to fix it without replacing the whole panel. At least reduce the damage somewhat, so it's not as distracting. 

Does anyone know of a polarizing tape or small piece of polarized film or something similar? And where I can buy it? (I live in Norway, but there's always eBay)

Or maybe an alternative solution?



You could try salvaging a bit of the film from the LCD on some junk electronics item like an old cell phone, just to see if that is indeed the problem.

thats a great idea! thanks =)