Renting VPS

I am looking into renting a VPS. The server requirements will be very low I suspect and I want to spend as little money as possible. I am 17, in full time education and only have a Sunday job, so the cheaper the better. I live in the UK.

I will use the server for hosting a Git Repository ( after I learn git a bit better :P ) and also for hosting a website, probably with little traffic. I may use the server to host games occasionally but this will only be when playing with friends not 24/7.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a company/package to look into. A free trial period would be good just to get my head around everything and to get stuff working, but is not a requirement.

What kind of specs do you think I will need considering my requirements.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Look around this site for a while

I know 2 people using this and they say it is great

Thanks you that looks like a cool site :D

I am really lost as to what sort of specs I need to be looking for to suit my limited needs.

The one I linked works great for games because those 2 people I mentioned host games on it, and 60GB should be plenty for a personal git repo.