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Renewing Expired Cert with Certbot


What about docker images or docker image ls (can’t remember). Anything on there related to certbot or Nginx?


Crap, posted same link twice.


Yeah, looks like nginx in running in Docker. Is it somehow also the webserver for UniFi, even though that’s not running in Docker? Is that even possible?


Anything is possible if you put your mind to it! :smiley:

The first port is your local, the second is the container. So all traffic locally is being forwarded to the container port for 443.

A Docker container is just a service with its own user space. The kernel space is shared, and with proper networking/linking you can connect containers or services together.

However, local -> container is what it’s all about (if I understand your setup correctly).


That must be the case then. So what do. Lol

If it means anything, UniFi runs on 8443


So reading through this again I noticed there was a script called

Sure enough that fixed the issue xD Even though the result was Certificate is unchanged, no update is necessary.

God I need to educate myself on Linux more :joy: Shit works 99% of the time but when it doesn’t I freak out lol. I barely understand my own server setup