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Rendering benchmark test?

This coming Christmas I'm looking to upgrade my card. I'm using a water cooled Geforce GTX 680 sc.  I'm gamer but I also do work in 3Dsmax; C4D, Blender, Zbrush, AE, PP, HUGE Photoshop paintings the list goes on.  

So I was wondering if you could do a rendering benchmark test and or just a normal benchmarks for the GeForce GTX 780 Classified Hydro Copper. 

I only see people overclocking this card with stock coolers. I feel like with my loop i might be able to get a nice overclock.

And if N0! you won't/cant do a rendering benchmark test, do you think it would be worth the upgrade?

Anyways I don't know if you'll read this but I love your Chanel and I wish you much success, with love -LOS

But you are the best person who knows whether it is time to upgrade or not, after all it is your computer, is it running smoothly at a decent fps? Do you really need the extra power or are you fine with what you have now?


Yeah, basically what r_hawk said. If you're satisfied, why upgrade? Try overclocking, it'll probably make it even better than it is, also you got it water cooled, so why not? 

wait for 780Ti

I say instead of upgrading, put the money away and keep saving. When you can't bear it anymore, you'll be able to afford an even better upgrade.

I should rename this I wanted to know more about the benchmark to help me decide about upgrading.

I'm a doorman and the building I work at makes Christmas very nice for me :D my rig is in my profile

I can't imagine why you would need to upgrade. Unless you needed something like a titan for rendering reasons you should probably just overclock and wait it out until maxwell hits. Which according to this news, might be as early as next summer I'm guessing A watercooled 680 is really nice!

Yeah that's what I thought I should do.

And I will do just that its not like I get bad render times anyway. And my fps is over 60 in all the games that I play.

It's just hard to not give into my shopping impulse when evga keeps droping such sexy cards like the 780 ti classified hydro copper fap fap fap

I watched Gamer Nexus 2019 workstation benchmarking gpus. According to their results, the AMD cards were much better for working wih Blender. Even at the higher end, the AMD workstation cards were within a safe margin of the more expensive NVIDIA cards. From the 580 up you can get a much better card than the GTX 780 . You can get a 580 8gb card for around $160 which is a fantastic deal. If you have more money, the Vega 64 will give you much better performance in Blender than the 780

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