"Renderboxes" workstation style cases for 4+ GPU installs

Hey everyone,

We’re looking to expand to 4+ 4090 GPUs in our WRX80e 5975wx workstation build for rendering animations. So far we are using 2 4090’s and these are now covering all 7 PCIe slots.

We’ve considered going water cooled to win back space and cooling and while we may go this route, it seems to me that a much larger case would be helpful. Low and behold I discover Renderboxes in the UK or WS Computer in Europe. All examples of much larger cases dedicated to multi PSU and GPU installs as well and simpler cooling.

Can anyone point me to a case manufacturer that sells cases like these?

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I know the fractal define 7 has one slot off to the side, that you can populate with a PCIe extension ribbon cable.

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Abee Designer C990H

LIAN LI V3000 Plus

Phantek Enthoo Pro 2 or 719

Corsiar Obsidian 100D

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