Renaming Files in Bulk

One of my hard drives failed that had my music library on it. Luckily I have an ancient ipod classic, like 3rd or 4th generation that i still use. (dont hate me) I was able to get the files back on my computer but the names have been changed and files organized in a very strange way per apple to make coping music more difficult. How ever the meta data, title, artist, etc. has remained. (This type of data is called exif meta data right?) How can I in bulk replace the file name with something this exif or description data. I have tried using the program Bulk Rename Utility, and requesting help on their forum to no avail. Can anybody point me to another program and/or a tutorial?

I think Media Monkey could help you get your MP3 files renamed using the meta data. I would recommend making a copy of some MP3 files to practice with while you figure out how you like them to be named. Then you could rename a batch at a time until you get everything organized.

They have a free version available at:

Hope this helps!