Remove verizon stock apps

Hello, I just got my HTC One m8. So far my only complaint is that the phone comes with a lot of undeleteable crap from Verizon that I don't want/need. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? Thanks.

Root it and get Titanium Backup. Use it to uninstall all the crapps,

root and install Google play edition rom

gad domn it-

you beat me to the bunch...or have I missed the whole mugging?

unless a rom isn't available yet...

oh wait i forgot that its CDMA.... poor sprint and Verizon. my friend got his m8 for t mobile and installed the google rom. but it does exist

You can put that rom on it, what does cdma have to do with it?

people put different roms on verizon phones all the time.