Remote support tools (e.g. CloudBerry Remote Assistance)

I need to provide some very limited remote support in a project that doesn’t really justify purchasing a Team Viewer license. I found a tool from CloudBerry that is free but would like to hear if someone has any opinions on them? Or for that matter other remote support tools that might be more affordable and have good trust.

If you’re using it for work-related stuff you really should purchase a license, even for a small project, if the free version is for non-businesses. That being said I have used AnyDesk a lot with family and friends, when doing some support and it has worked perfectly.

CloudBerry Remote Assitance is free for business use, there is no paid version.

Will look into AnyDesk, have you used it in a Business setting? It’s more affordable than Team Viewer…

I use RemoteUtilities for the occasional remote support problem.

If you need it for work, even their free license is allowed for business use.

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I like that they let you self-host the server.

but unfortunately their payment solutions is bust right now