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Remote Monitoring Temps

I am looking to know if anybody knows of any software package that will report CPU, Motherboard, etc. temps over an API that can be read by another system on the network. I need something for both Linux (right now running Mint) and Windows.

I’m basically looking to create a sensor panel (EVERY PC should have one of these! How to make a sensor panel! - YouTube) but I don’t want it running off the GPU that’s in the system. I’m planning on using a raspberry pi or Arduino as the host system for the display. The reason for that is as it is, I tend to “lose” the cursor (using a Synergy set-up with two systems and 4 monitors)… I don’t need a tiny little screen that it’s in the computer for the cursor to disappear on to.

I don’t have experience with it but perhaps Netdata?

Might do what I need, but the documentation is fairly confusing and not really in-depth enough.

I just really need a programmatic hook in the sensor data off the motherboard, from there I can code something myself in C, Java, Python, or maybe even PHP and have it spit out to a JSON file.

Sounds like you’d be interested in Telegraf, you can have many systems report back to a raspberry pi or other system running influx db and visualize the results with grafana (all open source and made by the same company)

Telegraf Open Source Server Agent | InfluxData

This definitely seems easier to follow. For the simple thing I’m after I think netdata is too of an in-depth process to figure out. Like I can’t figure out if NetData can even output a temp at a single point in time. The documentation seems to only ever talk about charts and data points in between set time intervals that are averaged together. It just seems like too much of a hassle to figure out. Telegraf looks at a lot simpler… download it, install, grab a few plugins (Temp, CPU, and RAM), spit out that data and use Grafana on the Pi; or even just design something myself.