Remote into pc to rip DVD's and BLURAY's

Hi, I’m trying to figure out a way to connect a local disc drive to a remote pc to rip it. I’m currently using realVNC to remote into my various computers and if I could just use my phone with a usb hub, that would be best as I don’t want to travel with my big laptop

Thank you

Make a rip on a machine that has this drive and then just transfer the files.

Can you describe the situations more precisely? which pc has the drive and what do you want to do with your phone?

Apart from the technical aspect, it would be terribly slow because it depends on the speed of the internet connection between A-B.

You can connect the wireguard to A-B and then make the drive available like in a LAN.

There are also software solutions that do USBoIP if you have this drive for usb.

I was hoping to connect the disk drive to my phone and then remote into my home PC to do the ripping.
I did just think about how most places I would try to do this don’t have great internet besides my own

Internet connectivity would be the biggest problem.

If you are going to carry around a USB disc drive anyhow, it wouldn’t add much size to throw-in a single-board computer (like a RPi) or other mini-PC to do the encoding work (or just dump it to SD card for later). If there was demand, a device could be made for this purpose that would be barely bigger than the drive. But as it is, a small old laptop is pretty compact, very inexpensive, and much more practical.

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I just want to rip disc’s when I’m not home without having to bring my gaming laptop with me. I will edit them later

ripping disc’s take’s a suprising amount of time with the 7th gen processor in my laptop, I’m not sure a single board computer would be comparable. If you know a good way to do it then please tell me

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their movie’s and tv show’s

I not asking that

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My understanding is you want to connect a DVD drive to your phone, via USB hub, and send the DVD data, from your phone, to a remote desktop, via VNC, and have said desktop receive the data, from the DVD, and store it, without ever having to plug in the DVD drive to the server it’s self, as it’s in a remote location?

You’re going about this the wrong way. VNC into your remote server isn’t how you want to store data. It’s how you get the video out from your server and send basic inputs.
Instead, what you want to do is have something like FTP, Samba, NFS, or SSHFS(recommended) expose the drive to the internet, and rip the DVD via your phone, to that.
If your phone doesn’t have DVD ripping software that can expose a network drive to store things on, this is a problem with your phone, and should be treated as such, either by finding phone software that can rip DVDs to a network mounted drive, or by bringing something other than a phone that can do that.
Another thing to reconsider would be bringing a harddrive, plugging that into the phone, and ripping DVDs to that, then taking it home, and copying it over. This is probably a much easier solution, though it’s also more obvious and therefore more likely you thought of that, and further from what you asked for. It’s just so much simpler than using the internet.

All VNC is for is sending HID(mouse and keyboard, etc) inputs to a remote server, and getting jpeg images of the screen. It doesn’t connect the DVD drive to the server. Even if it did, it would be incredibly slow, as, at least in my experience, VNC doesn’t really like using more than a couple megabits in either direction. It’s really not designed for connecting drives over a network.

DVD ripping doesn’t take a lot of CPU. It’s just that DVDs are slow. Incredibly slow. ““Fast”” DVD drives go at, what, 25MB/s at the edge? That’s what takes the time, not any amount of processing. You’re coppying 4.7GB at anywhere from 5MB/s~25MB/s. If you’re lucky, copying the data will take a half hour, not because your CPU is struggling to process the data, but because the DVD drive is struggling to copy and send the data. The drive/technology it’s self is the bottleneck here, unless you’re transcoding to another format, in which case… Don’t do that? Or at least copy it first, and then transcode.


Can confirm- even when ripping blu-rays (for legal, documentary film purposes), the blu-ray drive I/O is between roughly 15-20 MB/s and the my CPU is just mostly waiting on the drive.

I was thinking about cloning the blu-ray first and then ripping it, although I think the bottleneck would still be the read speed. This would just be out of morbid curiosity to see how fast the ripping process could theoretically be.


It’s literally the same thing with the same hangups, minus a few short TOC reads that are less than 1% of the time, at least with DVDs.

OK, I was curious, so I ripped a blu-ray (for documentary film footage)

times are approximate since I had a crash and had to reboot.

copy/clone 31mins
convert to MKV 2mins

makemkv directly from disk 31 mins

Technically faster to rip it all in one shot, but I think that is only because reading is so slow that the conversion/repacking doesn’t cost any extra time.

I did hit 33 MB/s during both the clone and rip, which is much higher than I was expecting (see below)

When I was converting to MKV, I hit speeds of 500MB/s, but this is on an nvme SSD. It was reading and writing to the same drive


I will say that your case is from the series of weird ones. :upside_down_face:

You want to rip a disk with your phone and encode the content on a remote PC at the same time… a light abstraction. :wink:

Main problem…
Data transfer over the internet, you will probably have extremely low transfers and maybe even data limits. Your phone will have to upload large amounts of data, do you have such a technical possibility?

It will be very slow and, as a result, absurdly long, which will make it impossible to use it meaningfully.
If you want to rip directly on your phone, here too you are very limited in cpu performance.

I do not know how strange your situation is, but have a phone + drive + disk with you and then want to rip the content… strange, but since you have such a need and taking a laptop is not an option, or doing a rip at home on a pc.

If you say you don’t want to do data encoding right away, why send this data to pc anyway?

There are some applications available on android that allow you to copy dvd/br to tel/tab, having the data from the disc to android you can send it to pc with a few different solutions but just like before it will be slow!

If you don’t need to encode and transfer to pc immediately, but since you have such a need for rip discs on your phone, it can just rip the data and store it until you physically access the PC.

No application will magically give you super speed over the internet so that you can send large amounts of GB from phone to pc. But if your phone and your internet connection gives you a very large upload and no data limit then ok… otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

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And now add to this equation the data transfer via the Internet from the phone with probably weak wifi / 4g to do the encoding on a remote pc as OP wants … :slight_smile:


any chance you could test on a RPI4? just trying to minimize space

RockPro64 with a ASM1166 card works fine with multiple drives and CD/DVD at least. Haven’t tried Bluray yet but I dont see we it shouldn’t work.

Magic 8 ball says unlikely. I doubt I’ll have an rpi4 sitting around, ready to go. Have the prices come down yet?

not really, thanks thou