Remote interviews: using online testing, but are they really AI training?

Anyone else received emails from a company called “Turing”? They’ve been emailing me to take their coding tests as a way of interviewing, but after watching Level1News with all the data collection from software companies these days, I couldn’t help but wonder if they are actually training a model to create an AI bot to automate writing code or something.

I read their privacy policy, and they are collecting hoards of data of all kinds, but the policy obviously is only detailing personal information.

Emailed them to find out more…

I’d look into them from an investor approach if you want to find that out.

Do you have any more info about them? I’m having trouble pulling em up on the google machine.

if it’s turing dot com, I’m looking at it, it looks like they’re just a temp agency or staffing company who’s trying to be a bit more structured in their interview process.

Doing some checking on Alphabet:

“There are currently around 400 companies that I know are part of Alphabet Inc. There probably are companies that I am not aware of, mainly if they do not have “Google” or “Alphabet” in their name and are registered in Delaware.” :laughing:

Others are probably well aware of the many automation tools for programming, and there is plenty out online for it, but I’m also curious what is already out there for AI systems that write code…

OMG, I wonder how many of my Java programming students are using BAYOU: