Remote Desktop? What to use and why

I'm curious to see what you guys use if anything for remote desktop.

Personally, I've tried quite a few and there are two that stand out to me, and I use on a daily basis.

Splashtop and Chrome Remote Desktop 


#1 Splashtop


For use on a home network, splashtop outperforms everything I've tried.


  • -It requires a reasonably powerful GPU on the streaming end, but the receiving pc does not have to be powerful at all.
  • -The fps stays at around 20-25, which makes watching videos on my old dell pentium-m laptop bearable(without splashtop, flash videos only run at about 2-5 fps @1080p)
  • -It's got a mobile app, with support for over the internet connection. (Free if you can port forward(if you cant why are you even here >.<)) However pc to pc connection over the internet requires a subscription fee

Overall I enjoy splashtop while at home, but wouldn't necessarily recommend it for
a work environment as it requires software to be installed on both machines. There is also
no way to "share" your desktop with another user without giving them your full account info.

#2 Chrome Remote Desktop


Alright so chrome remote desktop is something I sort of stumbled upon recently
and it's been extremely satisfying.

If you don't know what it is type about:plugins into the top of your chrome browser, 
look for Chrome Remote Desktop and follow the links to install the plugin.



  • -Performance is not as good as splashtop, but still maintains a solid 10-15 fps stream.
  • -The upside to that is the streaming pc does not need to be as powerful, and the receiving pc need only be powerful enough to run chrome
  • -Pc to Pc connection over the internet is free, making controlling my servers from wherever I happen to be fairly easy.
  • -You can share a temporary access code, allowing for easy access to clients or co-workers machines.
  • -It's a chrome plugin, and not an application. I believe using the built in functionality of windows remote desktop, only in a browser tab.

(Both perform equally well in terms of latency *when on local network)

To me chrome remote desktop has been more reliable, and I use it for my server control.
Splashtop I use mainly for watching video on less than capable hardware. 

What do you guys use remote desktop for? What apps are you using?

And Hi! I'm Genet1c

I use ssh :p

rdesktop (linux) sometimes use real vnc tunneled over ssh

On windows i just use remote desktop i connect to my remote servers with them if i need/what to use there desktop mostly i will just ssh them from putty/or the linux console depending what OS i am useing at the time.