Remote Desktop help

The company I work for has me remoting into my edit machine. Everything is fine except I can not get video playback in premiere.

Try using Remmina, but this not really a good idea for Video Editing.
Even with a good connection it might be difficult.

People report issues with even GeForce home streaming and that is used for games.

An employer who requires this from you should enable you to work without problems, undergo training and provide the right tools.

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Can’t use hardware accell from standard rdp. You’d need to render local

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Your not wrong. Were retooling after their plan fail during testing. I was working on the test but the only major hiccup I ran into was no video playback. Now we are looking at access to our video server off site. This way we can pull the project down locally to our work laptops and upload the final masters.

It must be also what kind of RDP they used. Are you still doing that?Great.

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