Remote Desktop for CAD in KVM (Proxmox) using AMD s7150x2 (SRIOV GPU passthrough)

I want to run 4-6 users on a CAD server for Solidworks & Autocad on LAN. My models are small ( An old 9800 gtx is still able to load them smoothly).

The system specs for my server are:

AMD 7351p
Asrock rack EDPYCD8-2T
128 Ram 2666 MHz
AMD S7150X2 passed through to 6 VMs

I am using Proxmox as a hypervisor. I am not happy with the performance of RDP over LAN and HP RGS is very expensive.

Any recommendations would be really helpful

I believe ltt had a video many months ago about their editors using parsec to work from home

If you use Windows VMs you can try Parsec, it’s for gaming so low latency, high performance. You will need hardware encoding, but I assume you use SR-IOV.
It will run over the internet or LAN if possible.

No affiliated in any way, just a long time casual user.

I checked parsec. It does not work on headless machines. I am not sure about parsec warp since there is no trial version available for me to check

Hm… This is just a shot in the dark, but Steam maybe?
If I remember you should be able to add any application to in-home streaming, but it may not run on a headless machine.

I’ve played around with it before using Parsec, and it did render everything on PC screen while streaming to another device. Parsec does too.