RemixOS Question

I am running RemixOS in a Virtualbox VM at the moment. The Vbox 3d Acceleration doesn't work. Has anyone ran it on bare metal? If so does a discrete gpu work?

If it works I may set it up in KVM and pass through a spu to it.

Sorry to say, I've never seen anyone run it in VM sucessfully, not saying it cant be done, I just don't know anyone who has. Keep us posted

I already have it running fine in Vbox minus 3d acceleration.

Was wondering if it was possible to add 3d acceleration? I just need info from some one who has run it on bare metal to know if it works with 3d acceleration with an discrete GPU. If so I am gonna try to passthrough a GPU to it in KVM.

I may have to just set up a persistent USB drive and try it myself.

did they remove that horrific eula?

EULA still needs work but you can turn off data collection. Granted I haven't watched snort with it running.....

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