Remind me to never buy Asrock again

When i built my first gaming rig i took the best motherboard for the price (80 euros), the Asrock Z77 Pro3. 

Its a great board in terms of features and its supposed to be stable, however, i tried overclocking my i5 2500k to 4,0Ghz and it couldnt keep it stable, not under any voltage or Ghz, however, i thought there was something wrong on my part. But since i got it i have been getting random crashes every now and then until a week ago. Then it crashed, and would start up again! I didnt even overclock!

So i RMA'd it and got a new one, after a week. So i took out a different motherboard (some MSI military class board) and i suddenly stopped having these crashes, i could get a stable overclock, hell i could even slightly move my case3 without crashing my pc (this really happened)! So yeah i got a new board and most of the problems were gone, but it took 2 weeks on Asrocks part and i still have random crashes every few days.


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Sounds like an issue I had with an ECS GF8200A motherboard I used to use (this was a LONG while back)


The SATA ports fell off the board, then the Sempron 140 I was using in it exploded (litterally, boom, as in fire). ECS Customer support refused to refund, as well as tigerdirect, and could not get RMA. I did not overclock. Not even in the slightest...or flash the BIOS. Worst customer suport service ever.

If you're still getting crashes then it's not entirely the motherboard's fault. You may have a CPU wich doesn't like overclocking.

What are you talking about? the "K" means his CPU is unlocked so he should atleast be able to get 4 ghz..

Well thats what i thought, so i tried it out on a couple different motherboards, and all my problems are completely gone, howver this motherboard of course isnt a high end motherboard, only 75 euros so that might be it, i did expect more of it though, and with good reason.

It can still be a faulty cpu

Did you configure your LLC ? that could be the culprate on the Asrocks part. and the MSI could just be upping the volatge more hence more stability.

Even so, each CPU (even ones from the same series) all will have different overclocking abilities. I have heard this referred to as the "silicon lottery" many times.

I have not touched the LLC settings, hell i dont even know what it is. And i manually changed the voltage on all boards.