Remember Road Rash?

Remember Road Rash?  That motorbike racing game where you could kick other racers and smash them with bats and chains?  Remember that old lady with the walking frame you could run over?  Remember finally buying the most expensive Superbike in the game and then barely being able to control it at full speed?

Well these guys (Darkseas Games) are doing a remake called Road Redemption.  Looks pretty damn good too.

See the Kickstarter:

And also the Steam Greenlight:

Check it out!

Road Rash was my favorite game on N64 I never bought it for whatever reason but I would rent it every time my parents took me to BlockBuster (remember that place?) and play non stop for the whole week. I think this will be the first game I will back because Road Rash is one of the reasons I am a gamer today!

Road rash 2 on the megadrive (sega genesis) was more fun  ^_^ 

This looks like a good rehash game xD

Road Rash for PC had the BEST soundtrack of any game of that time. Fucking Soundgarden :) hellz yeeh

:) road rash on the ps 1  first racing game i ever played.

Guns, why guns though!?



I remember my father introducing this game to me as a kid.  I played the Windows 95 one religiously.  Awesome motorcycle racing game with intense combat and really funny characters.  Our copy came in a pack with one or two other games, but I think we lost them.  Road Rash is all I need anyway.

Ah, the good ol' days.  I remember when my uncle first introduced me to this game.  It was the same day he was finally able to afford the Playstation 1 back in '99.  He also grabbed one of the very first Medal of Honor games (one of my all-time favorites), and Duke Nukem: Time to Kill.  So many good times were had with that console. :)

I want it. 

Man i realy feel old in this thread i was playing road rash on the Sega Mega Drive way back in 1990 before it was ported everywhere by the not yet evil EA (lol)

God me and my brother used to play this all day long. On push bikes outside if my mam had sent us out with the its a nice day line.


Played it on the game boy color.  Such distinctive soundtrack.


Why not?

My dad showed this to me on his Sega Megadrive, along with Sonic and Desert Strike.

although i could never really get the hang of it, and much preferred Sonic :P
(i was 6 at the time) 

God I loved Road Rash back in the day, I really should dig out and dust off the old Mega Drive some time and fire it up.

I still play it alot on my beloved 3do as it is a favorite with my mates when they are visiting, great laugh when the beers are flowing.

Hope this new take on such a classic turns to be as awesome as the original.