Remember Civilization III?

When I was a kid I played alot of Civilization 3, and I always lost. But now as an adult I replay Civilization 3, but this time I'm going to annihilate everyone.

Just one more turn. I swear.


video game chess :) i approve.

fucking spearmen

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Best... game... ever!

I vill not be beaten

Was it Civ 2 or Civ 3 where you got the "3D" picture of your city whenever you built things?
Whatever version it was, that's where I started.

I tried playing the original not too long ago, but couldn't quite tolerate the graphics and still enjoy the gameplay.

Edit: it was Civ 2 I started with

I stopped enjoying civ when they made it so you cant stack up a bunch of military units on top of each other.

Rome and Egypt have fallen to my dark crusade by 210 AD