Remapping game pad

I have a logitech f310, it's worked great so far, but I just realised that while playing MGS:Phantom Pain that the computer is seeing it as an xbox controller with the same layout, so the d-pad is trying to work as a joystick.

Hoping there will be someway to remap this so that it's the other way around.

I got the logitech game software but it's not supported....

try autohotkey

I can't work that out....

You should be able to remap it in Steam's Big Picture mode. If it is a non-Steam game, you can add it to Steam and do a game specific mapping, or modify the desktop/global config for your controller.

Couldn't get that to work either, somehow managed to just make the dpad not work in game at all haha. Had the joystick moving the character though