Reload this Page Can't figure out which motherboard to buy.. to oc 3930k 4.2ghz or 4.5ghz (ideal)

I was thinking of buying a completely new pc lately

But i can't seem to be able to find the right motherboard for OCing a 3930k with nice temps and being stable with all that bios stuff. (i did some googling earlier but all i got was various praise on different motherboards and nothing really stood out which confused me some say gigabyte x79 bios would do the trick while others would say asus or asrock so i'm lost)

rest of specs i thought of getting

PSU : (recommend me one please)

Case : FT02-B

CPU : 3930k

Motherboard : (help! can't figure it out i prefer to keep it at 300$ instead of 500$..)

CPU Cooler : (recommend me one!)

Ram : 16gb corsair vengeance ram ( the most typical popular ram probably for now) [unless if you guys have a better recommendation over it with the mobo and 3930k combo]

GPU: (i guess I'm waiting for a GTX 770 or 780? hopefully it's out by the end of this month right? unless it's going to be a long wait..)

Hard drive : I can't really decide between a 120gb ssd and a 1tb western digital black or (maybe raid 500gb x2 western digital blacks?)

Am i missing something out?

Is there anyway to make the air flow even better by replacing the fans? (I hope it's not noisy)
Someone recommended adding 2 big fans or 3 small ones on top but i don't know which ones to go for. (Should i even bother replacing the bottom ones?)

I'm thinking of replacing the Intake and exhausts of the FT02 with some fans (like an upgrade to make the air flow even better and less noise) but i don't know which ones to upgrade to. I remember someone mentioning some before for this case but i can't seem to remember which ones are they.


Thanks for reading this far and trying to help me out.



the case appear to be highly airflow engineered i would see how they perform in the finished buildbefore i tried to better the design teams effort. so the fans aren't a limitting factor to your O.C. but cooling your cpu could be with your case. as these exhaust is a single 120 fan at the top the best all in one closed loop water kit to fit would be the CORSAIR Hydro Series H80i Water Cooler.and it's fan would need to be at 100% full time to support your O.C.

i think you would do better with a high end air cooler like the Noctua NH-D14 SE2011 and the huge nature of them crowds the ram. the link below recommends the Xigamatek Dark Knight to avoid the ram fitment issues

on pricepoint to features the GA-X79-UP4 looks pretty sweet $229 the big negative is the realtek nic

logan gave high praise to the Asus P9X79 PRO and it has an intel onboard nic $309

or if you want to go full on badass the Asus Rampage IV Formula   takes no prisoners $369

thats all for now, NeckBeard

I would go with a Rampage IV Formula; you can find them on sale for $300-320 pretty easily. Vastly superior to most other X79 boards, save the RIVE, Big Bang II, Extreme11, etc. The only problem is that is only support 32GB of memory, which is perfectly fine for most people, but if I'm going X79, then I'm going quad SLI/CF with 64GB of memory.

Other than that, the Asrock Extreme9 X79, Asus P9X79Pro, and MSI GD-45 X79 are great boards, as well.