Reliable source in the US to buy a 5995wx

Hi all!

Has anyone had any experiencing in buying a Threadripper 5995wx in the US? Trying to find a retailer that has the CPU by itself I am finding is slim pickings.

Some recommended vendors would be nice.


I dont understand? Is Amazon and Newegg not reliable enough for you? You can also order directly from AMD through their own website?

Newegg has them in stock right now

Newegg has been hit or miss over the years. For a purchase this size, I am looking for reliable.

Also with Amazon, I don’t consider 3rd party sellers who use Amazon as trustworthy as “Shipped and Sold by Amazon.”

Furthermore, I’m not seeing 5995wx as available to purchase through AMD’s store. Only seeing 5975wx

I’ve had good experience with Provantage. They’re a reseller, not a retailer, and have that business-to-business logistics feel, so expect individual shipments to come from various distributors (or the manufacturer). Customer Service is a real person on a phone.

Looks like they have both tray and boxed 5995WXs available at the moment.

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Come to AMD headquarter directly… It’s the most reliable

or come to TSMC Fab directly :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I recently picked up my 5955WX from ShopBLT and had 0 complaints about the transaction.

23 in stock as of right now: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5995wx 280w Sp3 64 / 128 280 Swrx8


not to be trusted, better just start with raw silicon and fab your own

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